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The ten boats left he Holyhead S.C. in light winds and sunshine to sail to the racing area on Friday afternoon. As the boats arrived at the committee boat where the course marks were set, the fog came down. The visibility varied from 100m down to 50m as the fog rolled in. After 2 hours of waiting the PRO called off racing and we returned to the harbour and as we looked back, the fog had cleared.

Saturday was an early start to try and pick up one of the lost races from Friday. The wind was stronger at force 3 and there were two opinions on, sail choice, No.1 genoa or No.2 jib. The fleet were evenly split. The Irish Jou Jou Dermot O’Morchoe and crew won the first and second races with a No.2 jib, followed by Enigmatic – Paul Harkness and crew from Windermere with a No.1 genoa, and Tenacious from Rutland – Paul Bancroft and crew with a No.2 jib.

At the start of the 3rd race the wind moved to the left just before the start and ‘Kingfisher’ and ‘Tenacious’ made port end starts on port to lead the fleet to the first mark. The rest of the fleet gave chase from the starboard end of the line. ‘Tenacious’ won with ‘Tearaway’ – Bruce Bonar and crew in second and ‘Enigmatic’ third.

The wind strengthened for race 4 and all boats were on the No.2 jib. ‘Jou Jou’ from Ireland was back in her winning ways and took the gun followed by ‘Enigmatic’ and ‘Tearaway’. ‘Spritzer’ – Tom Dodson and crew broke a forestay and retired, without serious damage. The downwind leg produced some big broaches and trawling with the kite.

Sunday was bright and sunny with Force 2 wind. This brought the tide more into consideration. ‘Enigmatic’ led at the first mark in Race 5 followed by ‘Kingfisher’ – Chris Wright and crew and ‘Jiberish’ – Mike Jones and crew from Courtown, Ireland. Kingfisher managed to overtake ‘Enigmatic’ and take the win with ‘Jiberish’ third.

Race 6 saw ‘Enigmatic’ and ‘Kingfisher’ round the first mark first and second with ‘Tenacious’ in third place. The two leading boats pulled out a one leg lead and after a lot of close racing ‘Enigmatic’ took the gun and the championship for 2007.

Overall Results:

Pos Boat Name Sail No R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Pts
1st Enigmatic 8048 2 3 3 2 2 1 10
2nd Jou Jou IRL 805 1 1 6 1 4 5 12
3rd Tenacious 8050 3 2 1 4 5 3 13
4th Kingfisher 8030 5 5 4 6 1 2 17
5th Tearaway 8018 4 4 2 3 6 4 17
6th Jiberish IRL 8001 7 8 5 5 3 7 27
7th Apocalypse 7283 6 7 9 7 7 6 33
8th Hitch Hiker 8044 8 6 7 9 9 9 39
9th J Ne Mac IRL 8020 9 9 8 8 8 8 41
10th Spritzer 8037 10 10 10 RTD 11 10 RTD 11 51